Chimney Diagram

Chimney Diagram
Firebox Damper Smoke Chamber Flue Crown Chimney Cap


This is where the fire burns in your fireplace


These are made to seal the Chimney when not in use to keep the warm air in and keeps the cold air out, they also send the smoke away but do remember to open the damper so the smoke can escape and not build up and fill the room

Smoke Chamber

Its above the firebox and below the flue, and it is designed to compress the smoke from the fire into a smaller place to prevent backdraft


A duct or opening in the chimney for made to exhaust gases from the fireplace to the outdoors


Is a slant or sloped edge on top of the Chimney designed to redirect water away from the pipe liner

Chimney Cap

It sits on top of the chimney, right above the chimney crown and it serves several purposes, which include keeping out rain, leaves, debris, and animals out of your chimney but also allowing smoke to escape out of the flue