As the colder months are coming to an end, everyone is planning their spring and summer vacations. Working long hours to ensure the vacation becomes a reality, and you’re even working on home improvement projects. The warmer months are very viable to have home repairs done, including your chimney.

It is summer. It is humid and the weather is warming up, so no more need for the chimney. With the winter months over, there will be a buildup of creosote. Creosote is extremely flammable. Why is the summer the best time to have your chimney swept?

Catch Major Problems Early

With chimneys, we hear “Man, I wish I would’ve known sooner.’ Summer is the perfect opportunity to have the chimney swept because it will allow professionals to find major problems before the next winter hits and you need your chimney in proper working condition.

Water Leaks

In the summer, there are more major storms. These storms can cause severe water damage to the chimney. We do not feel the need to elaborate on water damage, because we have an article on it HERE.

Better Availability

The longer you wait to schedule a chimney sweep, there are limited openings during the winter months. Chimney sweeps work year-round, therefore there are more available openings. Essentially, you will have a better chance of getting booked when you book during the summer. Let us clarify that it is not impossible to be booked during the winter.

Jobs are Easily Completed

For certain chimney types, especially with masonry chimneys, having things warm is an essential component. This could help certain repairs go faster and easier. This will become easier over time. Spring sweeps and inspections are done by a professional cleaning company to ensure water leakages are dealt with before they lead to brick damages.

Good Reasons To Contact a Chimney Company

Removes Winer Residue

  • In the winter, there will be a buildup of creosote and soot throughout the chimney.
  • Best to remove the creosote and soot regularly rather than waiting a whole year.
    • Creosote is highly flammable and can be triggered by a stray spark leading into a chimney fire which can result in house fires if not contained.


  • Winter months are normally swamped with appointments, best to schedule during the spring or summer months to ensure your scheduled cleaning.
  • Spring or summer appointments will allow the technician more time to fix any repairs more thoroughly.
  • The earlier cleanings are done, it lowers the potentially dangerous issues before the winter.
  • Some damages include: the damper or the flue liner
    • Damper: this can hamper smoke from leaving your chimney; the smoke can enter the home and won’t have a way to get out
      • Smoke inhalation can cause serious health risks
        • An early diagnosis always gives you time to plan finances to properly repair any damages.