Owning a chimney means there will be times for routine maintenance. No, there is no designated time-frame a chimney needs to be cleaned but it is best to have it done annually. If a chimney does not receive an annual cleaning, then it could result in a chimney fire. Besides, the heating will not be to you or your family’s satisfaction. A timely chimney sweep will save loads of trouble and expense later on.

When To Get A Chimney Sweep?

New homeowners and chimney owners may think that there are ground rules when determining the time for a sweep regarding the number of times a chimney is used, but not always will things work out that way. The main reason for that is the build-up of creosote. There is no telling when it forms as it occurs on account of improper burning of wood.

When the oxygen supply inside the flue is inadequate, it could lead to a fire that emits a lot of smoke which causes unburned tar vapors to get deposited inside the fireplace flue. This is extremely dangerous as the chimney now becomes susceptible to catching on fire. Ensuring there is an adequate supply of oxygen will allow for cleaner combustion and forestall such an event.

Scratching the black surface above the damper with the fireplace poker while wearing protective goggles and a mask will give you an idea about creosote buildup. By doing so, if you can create 1/8 of an inch grove then should schedule a sweep. If there is 1/4 of an inch, it could be dangerous to use the chimney until it is properly cleaned.

Signs Telling You To Get A Sweep

  • The fire takes longer than usual to start and when it does, it does not burn well.
  • The smoke fills the chimney and starts to come into the home.
  • There will be a bad odor that spreads throughout the house when the chimney is not in use (smells like burnt wood)
  • Sounds of birds or other animals inside the walls.
  • Summer is around the corner, the humidity will cause there to be a stronger smell.
  • The fireplace is old and appears to be crumbling.
  • Soot dropping into the fireplace.
  • Notice cracks in the structure, along with the buildup of mold.

Any smell or presence of anything of the above signs sure is enough to indicate that it is time to get a professional chimney sweep. You may want to take on the responsibility, but considering the safety issues involved, it makes eminent sense to hire a professional like Guardian Chimney Sweep.

Professional Chimney Sweeps

Professionals will be held liable for completing the job professionally and providing the homeowner a sense of safety with a clean chimney. Professionals will do a thorough job removing the creosote and not leave anything to chance. They will save you hours of your time on top of having to do the job yourself. It is a lot safer for you since there will be a need to climb on the roof to access the chimney.

A professional chimney sweep will take care of the clean up after the job is done. There is nothing left to chance when a professional sweep is hired. Everything from tools used to the manner the chimney sweep is completed to a prime job.

If you do take the job on yourself, then you may have to do a sweeping again shortly, on account of not doing a precise job. Yes, you have to pay for the service but ultimately it will be cheaper regarding time saved and a job well done. You will just need to look forward to a nice ad cozy winter. To learn more about chimney sweep and how long it takes, schedule an appointment.