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Guardian Chimney Sweep
Guardian Chimney Sweep

During the summer, your Chimney may not get much use, but when winter comes rolling back around it becomes a necessity, either Spending quality time with your family or having a romantic evening with that special someone, whether it is, nothing can beat a nice warm fire.

However, if your chimney and fireplace don’t get the proper maintenance and attention, it could turn those treasured moments into disasters.

An unkept chimney could lead to structural or water damages, as well as possible chimney fires if not swept as needed.

That’s where Guardian Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama comes in. We specialize in keeping your chimney and fireplace safe and protected so you and your family can enjoy them for years.

We offer many services such as Chimney Sweeping, Chimney Inspections, Masonry Repairs, Water Leak Repairs, Installations, and more.

Give Guardian Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama a call today, and you’ll get to speak with a member of our highly trained staff who can answer any questions you have and schedule an appointment for a technician to visit your home. Call Guardian Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama.

Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama
Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama

Fireplace Installations

We also offer expert fireplace installation. Guardian Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama installations include inserts, wood stoves, ash dumps, and clean out doors, and glass fireplace doors. We can also install a prefabricated fireplace, which uses steel pipes, or masonry, which we build brick by brick.

Simple and easy to make mistakes during installing can risk your home and family’s safety, as well as lead to thousands in fireplace and chimney repairs. That’s why when installing a fireplace you want a team with over 30-years of experience who you can trust.

Call Guardian Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama today.

Water Leak Repair

Water leaks are definitely the most common reason for chimney and fireplace damage. If water leaks go unnoticed, they can lead to serious trouble down the line in regards to the structural integrity of your chimney. Here are the three most common signs of water leaks you can look out for


Bricks are like sponges, they are porous and absorb water. During the winter, any water that is absorbed through rain sleet, or snow can freeze while trapped in the brick. This freezing causes the water to expand, which can cause the face and chunks of the brick to break off.

This can weaken the bricks, causing structural issues. a way to prevent spalling is by making sure your chimney getting enough sunlight to dry. Also Guardian Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama offers water repellant services, to make sure the water can’t be absorbed, to begin with.

How Weather Affects Chimney Performance

How Weather Affects Chimney Performance: Understanding the Impact Be proactive before weather shifts. Your chimney can be impacted by changing conditions. Weather significantly affects chimney performance, influencing both efficiency and safety aspects of your fireplace system. Different weather conditions can pose challenges and impact the operation of your chimney, necessitating proper care and precautions. Cold Weather and Draft: A Balancing Act Cold weather can lead to cold air settling in the chimney, creating a barrier that hinders proper draft. This can result in difficulty in lighting and maintaining fires, along with potential smoke spillage into your home. To counteract this, pre-warming the flue by lighting a small kindling fire can help establish an effective draft. Rain and Moisture: A Potential Challenge Rain can cause moisture to seep into the chimney, leading to the formation of creosote and rust in metal components. Excess moisture can deteriorate masonry chimneys, causing cracks and structural issues. Installing a chimney cap or crown can help prevent water entry, preserving the integrity of the chimney. Wind and Downdraft: Battling the Elements Strong winds can...
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Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama

We handle a lot more than just chimney cleaning and maintenance.

You can rely on Guardian Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama to offer a large variety of specialized services for your chimney and fireplace.

We offer a number of services, from humane animal removal to inspections and repairs. Chimney problems can also cause damage to your home. We fix water leaks and smoke problems fast to prevent other costly damage to your walls and roof.

We can also provide a FlashSeal solution to prevent water intrusion, as well as other services to prevent odor and smoke problems.

Guardian Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama is committed to making sure you get your money worth out of your fuel-burning appliances so that your home is heated in the least expensive way possible.

Your chimney or fireplace makes an impact on your home’s total heating and cooling cost; heat loss from fuel-burning appliances can account for as much as 8 percent of the total bill. Call Guardian Chimney Sweep Mobile Alabama today.

Guardian Chimney Sweep

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