Guardian Chimney Services

Professional Humane Animal Removal

Animal removal is one of our most important services. Here at Guardian, we are all huge animal lovers and for this reason, we take special care in practicing the humane treatment of animals. Here are a few of the most common animal problems and what we can do about them.

Raccoons. As seen here on the right, we frequently remove families of raccoons from chimneys. In that specific job, we were able to remove and relocate a mother and five young raccoons safely and quickly. Raccoons do carry a number of diseases, and it is as dangerous for you to try and remove them as it is for them to stay in that chimney.

Birds. Nesting happens very often in many chimneys. Odds are in your lifetime, you will have some kind of bird in your chimney. Birds cause a number of problems in the chimney, normally starting with a draft issue or a bad smell. Some birds, however, carry Histoplasmosis, a fungus carried in the feces of birds and bats. Histoplasmosis often causes fever, cough, fatigue, chills, headache, aching, and chest pain. If you have any of these symptoms, speak to a doctor, and give us a call.

Bats. Like many animals, Bats are drawn to chimneys because they are dark, enclosed places. Bats, like birds, carry a lot of diseases and fungus, including Histoplasmosis and more. Bats can be a danger to you as well as themselves, so please do not attempt to move them yourself.

Animal Removal

Chimney Swifts. Chimney swifts are a special case when it comes to animal removal. They are a federally protected migratory bird, and they often roost in chimneys due to the easy grips on the wall. These birds roost vertically, clinging to the walls. Chimneys become ideal spaces because of protection from predators and the elements.

Squirrels. These furry little ones do not often make their nests in chimneys, but they do manage to do so on occasion. Some squirrels have been known to crawl inside a damper and break in any way, but fortunately, they are removable.