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If you have a prefabricated chimney, chances are you have a chase cover, or at least you should. On most prefabricated chimney and fireplace systems, the exposed pipe coming from the roof will be encased in what is known as a chase; This is the vinyl, wood, or brick structure that you’ll see coming up just below the chimney cap. A chase cover is a large sheet of metal that covers the entirety of the top of the chase and has a hole to allow the top of the pipe and the cap to pass through. The chase cover seals in the top of the chase and pipe to prevent any water from seeping in, causing damage.

Over time, or during storms, the chase cover can become damaged and needs to be replaced. Or, you have a prefab chimney, but just no chase cover. In any instance, your best bet will be to call Guardian Chimney Services, as we offer custom cut chase covers to fit any size chase. To get more information or to schedule an appointment call now. Or, you can request an appointment online by filling out our simple appointment form.

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